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Things I love about myself

 Today I’d like to post a list of things I absolutely love about myself.  I don’t mean to come off conceited, but I figured this would totally boost my self-esteem. 

1. My eyes! I  love my eyes! I think they are big and mysterious <3

2. My nose! Not to big. not too small. just right!

3. My lips!  Perfectly placed on my face.

4. My hands! I love how my nails are naturally shaped, and I love how my fingers are not so long and not so short!

5. My feet! Although I’d prefer them to be a little more dainty… I like my toes! and the nail shape too! 

* the reason I like nail shape is because I love to paint nails! I’m not creepy or anything*

6. I love my sense of humor, funny things are funny ok!

7. I like how I laugh, and how my face scrunches up so ugly! yeup! I actually like that!

8. My ability to dance. I can’t dance, but to the best of my ability… I love just flailing around and making people laugh!… even if it is directed towards me.

9. My love of art! I love drawing, and I love that God blessed me with the persistance and creativity to pursue art.

10. I like pushing myself to the limit. Academically, physically, socially.

11. I like the friends I choose! Everyone of them are freaking awesome, and I would never ever replace them for anyone else.

12. I love my fashion sense! Probably not the best, but I like to dress to impress! Most of the time!

13. My fearlessness! I’m not afraid of a challenge! Be it rollercoasters, zip lines, swimming, climbing a 30 ft pole then jumping off it six feet to reach a bar,and river tubing, etc. adventure!

14. My aspirations for a better future! I don’t like being stuck in a rutt! I’m a cycle breaker!

MY LOVE OF GOD! The reason I didn’t list Him is because He is to awesome to be prioritized! He is the reason why I made this list! The reason for my existence! I will forever be a faithful servant of his! <3 <3 <3 <3