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Mayhem, Chaos, Havoc and Skipper

cap’n zazzy daisy amelia van nuland moriarty cumberbatch pond

yes i’m serious but no we just call her amelia or daisy


Naomi and Feli.


Crash, Mackerel, Maggie, Ava.

Griffin!!! *U* I love my lil boyyyyyyyy.

But Misty and Molly are also my dogs, and Zazu and Charlie are my caaaaaats.


my baby uwu

Peanut. :’333 

perfect little puppy babby omg

Sammy UvU


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    Harry Belafonte and Mildred Hubble
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    Annika, Blossom, and Revelin…
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    Two cats: Teddy, whose proper name is Theodora Foster Dove, and Pearl, who is, in full, Pearl Kim Dove.
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    Emmie (which is short for “Emanon", which is “No Name" backwards, because when we first got her we couldn’t find a name...
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    My dear Siberian is named Sebastian. He’s the sweetest thing you ever did meet, I assure you (though terribly jumpy...
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    Dog: Biscuit.
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    My Cats: Reba, Mia, Winky, T.C., and Tundra My Dogs: Buddy, and Hemi
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    Cat: Meï
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    Puppy…. Bear, Grizzlie, Maxwell, Teddybear - dogs (I don’t have...bear fetish, I just...
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    Horatio & Pitt
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    The dog: Benji (or Béla) the mongrel with some German shepherd inside. The cats: Cila (recently dubbed Captain Blonde),...
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    Ahem. Cats? Casper (big, fat, white with blue eyes and terrified of people) and Nigel Derpasaurus Hex-Finn (the derpiest...
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    Jasper the Dog Alice the Cat And R.I.P. Esperanza my first Cat
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    Choco is my dog, and Aramis is my cat. I didn’t name the dog. -________-
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    Schroedinger - my cat Flunk - my dog
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    Cat: Tila Dogs: Ginger and Ewok
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    Claudia and Kat.
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    Swiss Shepherd-Poker (The card game, funny story behind that one)
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    The dumbass is named Kujo The fatass is Toby.
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    I have a fatass calico named Annie.
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    Dog: fluffy stepcat: fluffy. bird- zipper.
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    Blue, Millie, Minnie and Capone. :)
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    Walla (officially Deictic Wallaby, also known as Walluschka or Koira (=Dog).)
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    Sophie~ :D
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    Dogs: Jasper, Rascal, Sofiya Mariah
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    Eevee, Charlie, Coco, Bam, Ziggy and Effy. :)
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    My cat is called Blackjack. Although he also responds to Mister Moo or Fatty…
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    Master Chief omg My cat’s called Maisy v3v
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    Tama. Tama is my cat and it’s funny when they pronounce his name wrong at the vet. I was planning on Eikichi (after...
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    Miku (two cats). But there is also a...where I work who I call Feíto (“little ugly”), and...
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    Destroyer Of Worlds (D.O.W.)
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    Lillie and Oliver the Bullies Azula the Spinx ^_^
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    Tia and Ame.
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    Cat: Nikkita (Nikki ^^) ♥
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    or… dog: Wendy...Sabrina, Aogustus, Masashi, Leon, William, Fifi, Tamaki, Koya, Tsuna,...
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    oh gosh well in order of age it goes Maggie May Tuscan Sally Alma Jake Sheila Sammy Joey
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    Blackie (Cat, deceased), Shadow (Dog, stolen), JC (Dog, stolen), Brownie (Dog, given away), Blue Moose (Dog), Lady (Dog)
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    REALLY NOT LIKE THE SIMPSONS OR SOMETHING LIKE THE THREE STOOGES headcanon you’re actually like a hundred years old
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    Cat: Freckles. My mom’s dog’s, Bear, aka Bear Bear, the Saint Bernard and Lexie, the Shi Tzu. Aaaaand fixing to get a...